Vinitus Barcelona – a restaurant to fall in love with

Last year I had the privilege to spend my birthday in my favorite city in the world – the one and only Barcelona… In the end what can you give to a foodie for her birthday if not culinary experience? It was the best of time, packed with some amazing warm spring days.

As soon as we arrived at our apartment, I started looking on TripAdvisor for restaurants near me. We had our apartment on Rambla de Catalunya and Vinutus was just 2 minutes’ walk. I went to have a look – it was just before lunch opening and they were preparing their food displays and their fresh seafood stall. It was just perfect.


Minutes later, we were having our first tapas lunch in Barcelona accompanied by delicious Sangria.

joyfulperspectives_vinitus-4With my beginners Spanish and with the help of the most amazing waiter, we set the order and waited to be indulged.

joyfulperspectives_vinitus-19joyfulperspectives_vinitus-26What followed cannot be described in words. All dishes were simply cooked. Still, absolutely delicious.

In 3 days, we ate here 4 times. This is a first for me as I always try to eat in as many places as possible.


Actually, even if we had dinner at different restaurants, afterwards we also stopped here for wine/sangria and more tapas. In my food trip to Barcelona – clearly, Vinitus takes the first place. Soon, I will write about the whole experience.


Not just the tapas were extraordinary, so were the desserts…

This place is amazing, all the food is the freshest you could get – simply cooked to let the flavors talk. If you don’t really know what you want you can let the waiters choose for you as they will make the best suggestions.

I loved the green peppers (pimientos padron) and garlic shrimps – they were to die for.

joyfulperspectives_vinitus-20joyfulperspectives_vinitus-12But also the other various seafood and vegetables tapas were simply amazing. The patatas bravas and tortilla are also worth the try.


I am certain that these images speak for themselves and there is no need to add anything. How convenient for me – my favorite restaurant so far – Vinitus – to be in my favorite city – Barcelona. Lucky me…


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