Rome – the eternal city

What can one tell about Rome that hasn’t been said already. Everybody knows Rome and its numerous historic and archaeological sites – some of the best in the world. Reason enough to get millions of visitors each year (without adding here that it is clearly a food destination).

Not to mention that Vatican state – the seat of the Catholic Church is set in Rome’s heart – making Rome also a top pilgrimages destination.

joyfulperspectives-rome-13For me, Rome is a piece a tranquility and amazing ice cream, make it heaven…

I visited Rome for the first time back in 1998 during an Italy tour which marked my very first travel experience. I was 14 at that time and for someone living in former communist Romania was just like discovering a new world.

joyfulperspectives-rome-1Then I only spent one day in Rome but somehow managed to visit it all – the Vatican (including the museum with its wonderful Sistine Chapel),  the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps and the one and only Fontana di Trivi (just to mention a few).

joyfulperspectives-rome-21joyfulperspectives-rome-7For me, Trevi Fountain has remained ever since the most amazing fountain the the world.


I think we walked the equivalent of a marathon that day, but, it was such a beautiful and fulfilling day. I didn’t know very much of the sites I have visited but I knew I fell in love with Rome.


Years after I returned (probably because I tossed a coin in Fontana di Trevi) and spent a week discovering the city and still was not enough. Returned again for a weekend and in some days I will be back taking my mother to experience the amazing gelato for her birthday.

joyfulperspectives-rome-18I couldn’t be more happy and grateful for such opportunity (of course, Rome is an easy option for those living in Bucharest considering the high number of flight at extremely reasonable prices). I can’t tell how excited I am…


My visit period: August 1998, May 2010, February 2015


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