Transalpina – skiing option in Romania

It is winter time and for those of us who love spending time in nature, skiing seems to be the right choice.


Romania, although having such incredible mountains, unfortunately, only offers limited skiing options and without a proper infrastructure.

Even so, for the ones living here compromise has to be made when it comes to infrastructure and offered conditions and focus has to be put on the experience itself.

Prahova Valley is the most renowned when it comes to winter sports in Romania, especially for the people living in Bucharest. Still, it is so crowded and you can spend even 6 hours in traffic for a trip that normally lasts 2 hours. Further, it is quite pricey for what it offers. In these conditions, an alternative is represented by Transalpina Ski Resort.joyfulperspectives_transalpina-ski-13joyfulperspectives_transalpina-ski-25joyfulperspectives_transalpina-ski-8joyfulperspectives_transalpina-ski-18

Transalpina is normally 4 hours’ drive from Bucharest. Near the slops there are just some limited accommodation options, most accommodation is found in Brezoi – Voineasa area, meaning that you definitely need a car to reach it (and 45-60 minutes of driving). Parking is also difficult once you reach it, as it is made on the main road and, depending on how early you get there (or not…), you have some walking to do… (bright side – you get to do the warming before skiing).


Even in this conditions, the slopes are amazing and worth all inconveniences. Excellent for beginners, I might say.


Further on,  I found the best atmosphere here at Fery apres ski bar – making it a must stop.

Apres ski party

I have been to Transalpina for skiing 3 years in a row and it is my favorite ski place in Romania, regardless the infrastructure. I do hope that with time investments will be continued and conditions improved.

As for accommodation, i usually booked a room at Pensiunea Terra Nova, as they offer excellent conditions and the host is so attentive.

Pensiunea Terra Nova

Not so many dining options in the area, so we even went to eat in Ramnicu Valcea (which is quite far) but  D’amici restaurant is worth the drive.

My visiting period: January – February; 2014-2016


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