Sofia – the Bulgarian Capital

I had the chance to stop for some hours in Sofia and have a nice walk on a freezing cold winter afternoon and enjoy some nice dishes at a hip restaurant.

It was a well worth spent afternoon thanks to the wonderful lunch we had at Made in Home restaurant. This is a hip place serving various dishes made with fresh ingredients (specially local ones). Everything we had was delicious, the only inconvenience was that payment was only possible by cash (no credit card accepted).


Made in Home – Shrimps on paper
Made in Home – Asian pork
Made in Home – pork tenderloin

I couldn’t say that Sofia is a beautiful city or that is has lots of sites to visit, so a day would be more than enough for this capital. Still, it seems to be developing and focus is put on alternative ways to spend the time – there are numerous coffees and restaurants that are attractive and where you can have the best products at a price rarely to be found in Europe.


joyfulperspectives-sofia-bulgaria-10joyfulperspectives-sofia-bulgaria-13joyfulperspectives-sofia-bulgaria-14The most representative site in Sofia is clearly Aleksander Nevski Cathedral built in the neo-Byzantine style. It is a grandiose church opened to the public.

Aleksander Nevski Cathedral
Aleksander Nevski Cathedral (interior)


Practical Information

Parking in the city center might seem difficult due to the narrow streets and limited parking places. Parking is normally done on the streets, a parking ticket must be purchased (hourly fee is paid).

Payment: must be done in local currency (Leva) and not all places accept credit cards.

My visit time: January 2017


4 Comments Add yours

  1. swedeinbarca says:

    It all looks amazing!


  2. risabuzatova says:

    The food at Made in Home is excellent, and is matched by a fabulously funky interior. It’s definitely worth spending more than a day in Sofia, but that’s hard to see in the snow and cold. Much of what makes Sofia fun are the large, beautiful parks and long walks around the city center. The archeology museum is a good indoor activity and the theaters are all excellent and very inexpensive.


    1. Thank you for all these wonderful tips. I will definitely keep them in mind next time I get to Sofia


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