Fresh Restart – Hope for a Better One

Approximately one year ago I passionately started this blog with so many ideas, but ended up after less than 2 months with no more words, no more energy for sharing the amazing experiences life gives me. 

I started with so much energy, but soon after I couldn’t find any desire to continue (unfortunately, this happens more often than I would like to). I simply had no more desire to put in words and pictures what I treasure most about my escapes, nor to remember any of my previous experiences, as I planned when I started this…

I have no idea where I got lost or why, but for sure I want to give it another try, maybe the second chance will be filled with perseverance and inspiration.

Let it be a fresh restart with no more goals, without thinking whether somebody will be interested in my opinions. Just accommodate here my perspective without so much focus on what people expect of me.

Let 2017 be a year in which I regain what I lost in April 2016 and simply stick to putting into words how wonderful and enlightening travel is and how our senses are influenced by the food experiences we encounter along the way.

To a prosperous 2017 full with wisdom and inspiration!


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