Simbio – a place to enjoy at any time

Simbio is one of my favourite places in Bucharest and I just love during weekends to have a late breakfast here, especially on summer days.

joyfulperspectives_Simbio (14)

It is so welcoming and cosy and the pouched eggs are wonderfully done. Maybe it is odd to refer directly to pouched eggs, but for years I was looking for poached eggs in Bucharest and rarely did I find them cooked the right way. But Simbio is the place where they always make them right so I had to highlight this from the beginning. 🙂

joyfulperspectives_Simbio (1)
Norwegian Eggs
joyfulperspectives_Simbio (3)
Florentine Eggs

Anyway, all the food I had here was perfectly cooked: salads, burgers, eggs, dessert. Indeed, the menu is not that complicated but it does not need to be. This is a place to feel at home and enjoy some simple basic dishes, no revolutionary cooking involved.

I always have the poached eggs here and they have three ways of serving them: Benedict (with bacon), Florentine (with spinach) and Norwegian (with salmon). The Norwegian are my favourites. Besides the eggs, the burgers are also nicely done and worth the try.

joyfulperspectives_Simbio (4)

I did not try their dinner menu but friends who did were happy about what they got.

As a refreshment I’m choosing from a decent variety of fresh juices and at the end one of the nice desserts, such as chocolate mousse or banana pancakes.

joyfulperspectives_Simbio (8)

joyfulperspectives_Simbio (9)
Chocolate & whiskey mousse
joyfulperspectives_Simbio (10)
Banana pancakes

They don’t have a long menu, just some classic dishes that are more than enough and the prices are quite reasonable.

But Simbio is much more than the food it serves, it is about the feeling you get while being there. It is about the friendly waiters and the open kitchen that allows you interact with the cooking process, just to name a few.

joyfulperspectives_Simbio (12)

The interior is just amazing and during warm days their garden is the place to spend your time. Just make sure you make a prior reservation as they are always full.

joyfulperspectives_Simbio (11)

joyfulperspectives_Simbio (13)

joyfulperspectives_Simbio (15)

Address: Strada Negustori, nr 26, București (you need a taxi to get there)

Restaurant website:


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