Octopus – aiming at stylish, modern cuisine

Octopus opened recently and I think it stands for the interest showed in the last years in Bucharest to modern cuisine with a twist.

The restaurant is not perfect but I appreciated their trying to make something different and with time hopefully perfection will come.

Octopus raises just a little to the name and focuses on just some octopus & seafood dishes. Therefore, it is not a seafood restaurant. They have few dishes but these cover all tastes: fish, meat, vegetables and so on – so I couldn’t find a clear identity to its name

You can see that the chef tried to create something special with the menu and had the courage to experience with different flavors on the same plate. In some cases, the result was spectacular in others improvement is still needed. And I am optimistic that this will come.

Coming to my experience, I went there on a Sunday afternoon and the place was empty. I made a prior reservation but clearly it was not needed. Probably they are more busy during evenings.

The place has two floors and it is elegantly decorated in white and blue. I did not understand the painted strip on the walls, otherwise everything seemed to be at its place.


The service was great, the girl serving us really tried to make us comfortable and paid attention to our needs. We had a rose wine which went wonderfully with our dishes.

As for the food, I was not so impressed by it,  even though I think it has potential.

It was Dragobete week and they had a special menu for this occasion. I’ve seen they always prepare special menus on different occasions.

We had one special menu and fish soup, grilled octopus and Viscri dessert from the regular menu.

What came from the regular menu was really exquisite, the soup had plenty seafood, the octopus was so soft and it went really well with the puree. To conclude, the different tastes in Viscri dessert really made you feel as being in the middle of a forest.




However, I would not say the same thing when it comes to the Dragobete special menu – it was supposed to be a reinterpretation of Romanian classical dishes but it was not enough studied.

The truffle polenta was ok, but the fish was quite bad and it tasted too much of seafood and the side seemed to be from a different register; the dessert was average. Pity was that the overall result of the dishes did not make me think of Romanian cuisine.




All in all, with all its ups and downs it is worth a visit and I will definitely return to try the risotto.

The prices are average to high. Maybe too high for what they are currently offering.

Address: IL Caragiale 21-23, Bucharest. (you need a taxi to get there) .

Restaurant website: http://www.octopus.restaurant/


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