Kitesurfing in Aruba

DSC_6457Aruba is truly a heaven for water sports lovers. On its most famous beach – Palm Beach you can practice anything you imagine in terms of water sports. And if you don’t practice them it is also amazing to just watch those who are…

Whatever comes out of you mind you can try it here, such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, parasailing, sky jet, paddle boarding, paddle board yoga, jetpack, jetlev.




The one that caught most of my attention was the kitesurfing



Kitesurfing for most people practicing it and living on the island is a way of live. They train every day, wait for the right wind to create the utmost crazy jumps.



If you want to learn this, Aruba is a good place to start. 2 hours lessons are available so you can get a feeling of it and see if it is for you or not. You can then continue up to an 8 hours course for 400$. This includes a private instructor for the entire time and all the gear. You will take it step by step and learn all the basics – control a small kite also known as training kite.



You will continue to learn how to raise and control a smaller, than what you will eventually use, kite at the edge of the water. Next training session will make you take control of a kite that will let you do body drags – sideways and front.


You will feel like Superman when going forward with your body barely touching the surface of the water. After 2 sessions when you feel the kite and can control it with one hand you will try to stand on the board and use everything you’ve learned so far to slowly advance. This is probably where an 8 hours course will take you.

This can be easily achieved in 4 days with 2 hours session per day. Be prepared both mentally and physically as it is a rather demanding sport. You will get frustrated sometimes when you lose control of the kite or you meet the surface of the water full face frontal but no need to worry – the ocean is shallow for a fair amount of distance and the wind is mostly constant in direction and speed.


Every time you go further out the see keep in mind you will have to get back near the shore and start the exercise again and again until it becomes a reflex. But when you get up the board and advance even for a couple of meters you should be proud of what you have accomplished.

However, 8 hours is just a start and this sport might give dependency.

Good to know that kitesurfing can also be practiced in Europe, e.g. Greece, Spain, Portugal. Even in Romania you can give it a try at Mamaia Nord. Egypt has also good wind for this activity.

So, be open and try new experiences – you might love them…






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