West Coast of Ireland (astonishing Cliffs of Moher)

Ireland is an astonishing country with beautiful scenery, no wonder it inspired so many writers…

Green lands and hills, stone fences, sheep and cows resting on the green grass is what you can see if you cross the country. 


Although, I normally don’t go for arranged tours, as I had one day to spare during my extended weekend in Dublin (2 days are enough in Dublin) & as I was longing to see the famous Atlantic cliffs of Ireland, I decided to book an organized tour to the Cliffs of Moher. 


It was the most enjoyable day, all sunny & not that cold – almost perfect.

The concierge at the hotel recommended WildRoverTours and they proved to be professional. The tour started at 7 am and ended at 8 pm in Dublin center. The cost was 45 EUR and you have to be prepared to spend approx. 8 hours on coach. Good thing they have free wi-fi as I managed to write 2 posts and arrange my photos.😃

The tour goes from East Coast at the Irish Sea through the green landscape to the Atlantic West Coast.


Main attraction was the dramatic Cliffs of Moher (black shale and sandstone) – Unesco Geopark designated. What a beauty…it is simply amazing, so much peace and tranquillity.

10 km of headlands, rock faces, scree slopes and offshore stacks, Cliffs of Moher stand at the edge of Europe.


For me 2 hours were not enough. I would have stayed the whole day. Don’t waste you time going on top of the tower, as you see nothing and you also spend the money.


Take your time and walk both sides of the cliffs, it is an easy walk, only rain makes it more difficult as there are some parts impossible to cross due to the mud.



The sound of the waves and birds, the blue of the water and green of the grass, the tender touch of the wind – all work together to create an astonishing experience. The cliffs offer a rare opportunity to commute with nature.


The tour also included a stop at Burren Atlantic Edge and 2 hours in Galway.

Burren means rocky land in Gaelic and this is what you get – rocky land all you can see. Apparently during summer Mediterranean plants grow between the rocks.




Galway is the 6th largest city in Ireland and it is one of the 5 Unesco film cities, having 51 theaters for such a small town.


In Galway emphasis is put on art, music, film and theater, being also a university center.

You need less than half an hour to stroll across the main pedestrian street full with shops and pubs.




Try the local flavors: the oysters and fish&chips. Good to know that linch word has its origin in this city and you can find Lynch Castle here.

Cathedral of Saint Nicholas is another landmark.



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