Howth, a true treasure on the outskirts of Dublin 

An amazing fishermen town just 30 min from Dublin center. I would say that it has so much to offer that it’s definitely worth an afternoon visit or even a day. At the hotel they suggested coming here if we want to see cliffs near Dublin.

We haven’t seen them as we arrived late and we were not very well organized. Our feet were too tired after walking the whole day in Dublin, but we did find a paradise for seafood foodies.

As we got here Sunday afternoon we had a surprise finding out that everything was fully booked. We tried various places several times…begging for a table, but no success… It was full everywhere and the food people were eating there looked marvelous. All restaurants served fresh fish and seafood. For me it is a clear sign that I have to come back asap and make sure I book in advance.

In the end, not wanting to give up, we stopped at a market – restaurant because I couldn’t leave without trying the native oysters as the season just began. They were absolutely delicious, they served rock and native oysters and both were as fresh as you can get, paired with some proseco and some mussels it was not all lost in the end.


But, it you get to Howth, and you should, make sure you book a table in advance. Consider also that the prices are quite reasonable.

Howth is much more than fresh fish, you can have the most peaceful walks here, either on one of its piers or on the beach. There are some walking tracks you can take to reach the famous lighthouse and see also the typical Irish cliffs but for that you should get to Howth at around 2-3 pm, the latest, so you can have the necessary time. I didn’t.
But I walked on the pier between the fishermen boats and managed to even see seals. It’s so tranquil to listen to the birds quarrel and end the night with a walk on the beach just after the sunset.

There are also numerous shops, a local market and a castle, making it also right if you have a day to spare when in Dublin.

The Howth Peninsula is easy to reach, there are regular trains and buses coming here from main town. The train round ticket is about 6 EUR. But if you have the visitors’ card, the trip is included.   


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  1. Dina says:

    Howth is magnificent. Thanks for sharing your lovely post! 🙂

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