Dublin, in terms of food or better say drinks

When you say Ireland and Dublin, alcohol pops out, more precisely beer and whiskey… 

They have a history in making them the right way and Dublin is also house of Guinness Storehouse and of Jameson Distillery, both being open for visiting, special tours and tastings.

I am neither a whiskey lover, nor a beer drinker but this didn’t stop me of having a taste of these Irish prides.

Surprised to see that I really enjoyed the famous Guinness beer, I found it to be creamy… And the whiskey cocktail was fabulous…

Dublin is full of pubs offering a rich variety of beers, ciders, wines, whiskey or whiskey based drinks – so plenty of choices.

Make notice that smoking is not allowed but this shouldn’t stop you having fun… People go outside for smoking.

Temple area is full of pubs, but you can find pubs all over Dublin. They are full of life and you can see that people know how to party at any hour of the day. Most pubs offer live music at night and the atmosphere is simply fantastic.

In terms of food, I cannot say Irish cuisine is rich in flavors but there are some dishes worth trying. I will name here the famous fish&chips, beef stew, shepherd’s pie, seafood crowder and even the neighbors’ English breakfast.

      All places serve them and clearly they go wonderfully with beer.  I didn’t go for fancy restaurants but for regular pubs and I don’t regret it. 

The prices are affordable compared to other European countries but what I found truly amazing was the people… I would say that in Dublin I encountered one of the best service and some of the most attentive waiters. They were all very polite and friendly.

So, when in Dublin don’t forget to drink beer, eat fish&chips or beef stew, be open, enjoy the music, dance and cherish each moment.

And don’t forget to pay a visit to Howth restaurants and try the freshest fish and oysters.

 Cheers to you! 


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