Are detox programs worth it?

My answer would be NOT really… but I am not fully convinced yet


The message captured in the above image is quite suggestive for how my life is. The tablet was a birthday gift and I have to recognize that often I struggle between the two…

Being the regular corporate woman working from morning till evening is difficult to maintain a healthy diet, especially when you enjoy eating. Maintaining a slim figure, at least the way I imagine it, is not easy…

So, what to do? Giving up the guilty pleasure of eating delicious, sometimes caloric, dishes is not an option for me. Do not think that I eat much or that I eat junk food, it is just that after a time I started putting weight. As I refuse to give up food, I don’t think a true foodie could, I go for other means: sports and extreme diets from time to time

I do not lose weight from sports but I consider it to be the best alternative for a beautiful body and a healthy mind and I do my best to find the will to do it.

Only diet shows results at this chapter, but as the years pass it is more and more difficult to lose some kilos and to find the necessary ambition to follow a strict program.

Therefore, also being conscious about what I eat, I’m following a detox program sometimes. Last year I followed the 7 days only juice program (6 juices per day) and today I just ended the 5 days mixed program (4 juices, one soup and a salad). I kept them to the letter. Most of the juices are quite bad, of course they have great ingredients, mostly vegetables (e.g. kale, parsley, celery, beetroot, spinach) but they taste horrible and for me it was each time an effort to drink them. The soups were good but the most difficult part was to eat the salads. Probably because I see salads as a side and not as a main…

Both times I bought the program from a raw vegan shop in Bucharest– Rawmazing and I have to say that last year they were more professionals. I am not so happy of what they provided this year, especially the salads.

One day program

Anyway, I would say that it is cheaper to take your juices and salads from Mega Image if you are from Bucharest (they have several providers and you can choose whatever you like so as not to make more difficult the whole experience). Of course, the best way would be to make your own juices and salads at home. But this requires time and organization, but you save a lot and you know for sure what you are having.

Why I did them? I cannot really tell. I lost some weight (3 kilos last year and 1,5 this year) but last year I put it back in the following month. In the end, maybe I think that by doing them I clean my body. But I can tell you that I haven’t seen spectacular results afterwards, my skin did not change, I did not feel more energetic… these being the results that many say they had after detox programs. Unfortunately, at the end of each program I just have a complete desire to eat anything and I just think of food and what I would like to eat… after two tries I have to admit that detox programs are not for me and I have to think of other ways…


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