Curaçao – culinary experience

Well, as I already mentioned I love food more than anything else in the world… so, anytime I go to a place, I’m really excited about the dishes I will try and do my best to taste as many local flavors as possible… forgetting that I have to take care of my weight

For sure, Caribbean islands are not necessary a foodie’s paradise but with thorough research, one can find amazing places and enjoy colorful tastes. This was my experience when in Curaçao…

What started as a disaster it turned to be an excellent foodie experience. Literally, I felt sorry about leaving the island just thinking of the places I did not manage to eat and of the amazing restaurant I discovered there – Kome.

I cannot say that there is something particular about Curaçao cuisine or that they even have one (clearly, it is not Italy or France). For that, what you find is a mix of big fast food chains, fancy restaurants that combine various tastes almost to perfection and the simplest dinning places, such as the Old Market.

If you are up to a culinary experience, stay in old Willemstad and not at the grand resorts. There, on the colorful streets, you can find the most amazing places. I will not talk about fast-food, because this is never what I’m looking for but there are plenty options.

I want local tastes and if there aren’t, I am satisfied with the places that serve fresh ingredients mixed differently that I normally eat at home.

Curaçao might seem pricey when it comes to food but with the right choices you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy spectacular tastes.

It cannot go fresher than the catch of the day and as I love fish, I tried it as much as I could while being there. When I say catch of the day, I’m thinking mula, red snapper, wahoo, barracuda, tuna. Except for tuna, in this vacation I ate for the first time the other type of fishes that are specific for the Caribbean and I may say they are truly delicious.

For local experience, I really liked Plaza Bieu and Seaside Terrace – you eat with locals fresh fish cooked the simple way with rice or fries at convenient prices (the red snapper was marvelous). If you truly want to discover a place I think you have to go to such places. As sides, they normally have only fries and rice – don’t expect much variation such as grilled vegetables.


Red snapper at Plaza Bieu
Plaza Bieu experience
Seaside Terrace

The fish soups are nice and worth the try all over the island.

Fish soup

For my favorite restaurant there and I consider it to be the best on the ABC islands Kome restaurant pops out. It was amazing and I am so happy I discovered it.

Normally, I have a rule when in vacation – I do not eat in the same place twice because anyway I’m not staying much and I think that if you do not try you might miss some extraordinary places. But I broke the rule and I went there twice and if I would have stayed more clearly I would have gone again… Everything was perfect, the way ingredients were mixed, softness of the fish, the wine, the sweets… and those risottos… I would never though that in Curaçao you can have such perfect risotto.

Risotto at Kome
IMG_6185-COLLAGE (1)
Again Kome

I had such a lovely afternoon at Mundo Bizarro, indeed a bizarre place but with the best Blue Curaçao and amazing simple dishes and not to mention the tranquility you felt by just enjoying the cocktail. I always go for Mojito and they make it right all over the island, but you cannot go there without trying the famous cocktail at its home…

Mundo Bizarro

The best dessert I had was at Ginger – Carib Asian Cuisine – a crème brulee made out of chocolate – just divine, otherwise the rest of the food was nothing impressive.

Ginger – Carib Asian Cuisine

So, Curaçao has a lot to offer when it comes to food – just let yourself discover it… and go for fish not for steaks and burgers although there are numerous places to have them. I have to admit that I love burgers and I had to try also being there and it was quite delicious at Pirate Bay Beach Bar and Restaurant but it was surpassed by the delicacy and tenderness of the different Caribbean fishes… Enjoy it!

Pirate Bay Beach Bar and Restaurant

For more tips on Curaçao, read my post on what to do on the island here...


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