Constantin Brâncuşi works in Romania

Today would have been the great Romanian sculptor birthday. Slowly Romania is granting the right merits to this amazing ambassador. At the end of last year, February 19 was declared a national holiday, as Constantin Brâncuşi Day, unfortunately not a free day for employees yet.

Of course, main of his works can be admired abroad, especially in France and US. But, in Romania you can find some of his best works that are put on display outside for everybody to enjoy at any time. Further, you can explore the birth place and see how the father of modern sculpture spent his first years of life.

Who knows, maybe your next visit in Romania will consider also a trip in discovering these amazing works:

  • Endless Column
  • Table of Silence
  • Gate of the Kiss



Endless Column

Table of silence

As regards the Gate of the Kiss, you should know that people that visit the gate must kiss under it and that wedding ceremonies are organized here from time to time.


Gate of the Kiss

All three works are on outdoor display in Targu Jiu, a city approx. 300 km from Bucharest and represent a tribute to the Romanian heroes of the First World War.

If you get there, take some hours and drive 25 km up to Hobita where you can find Brâncuşi Memorial House, the place where the sculptor was born and developed as an artist.


Practical info:

  1. Getting there:

If you are coming from abroad, you can fly to Bucharest or Timisoara and after you can rent a car and drive there. Although there are only approx. 300 km plan wisely because you would probably need 5-6 hours to get there. Infrastructure in Romania is not the best and I don’t see the train as an option. So, try to book also accommodation. Don’t worry there is plenty to see besides these works in the area. Hopefully, soon I will have the time to write about it.

  1. Others

Languages: English is widely used in Romania, but keep in mind that in most places you will be able to communicate only in Romanian.

Payment: Romanian lei.


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